Playing-Up Procedure

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New Paltz Recreation Soccer Playing-Up Policy and Procedure

New Paltz Recreation Soccer believes that a player will develop better at his/her age appropriate level than at an age level above. However, the organization recognizes that, although rare, some talented players may exist that are physically and psychologically ready to be considered for the next age level.

If you would like to request that your child play-up one division, please complete the following:

Step 1: Do the Research

We encourage you to research the pros and cons to having a younger athlete play with older athletes. We ask that you consider your findings before making a decision. If you decide that it is in your child’s best interest to play-up one division, please complete steps 2 and 3

Step 2: Parent Request

The parent/guardian must initiate the consideration to play-up. New Paltz Recreation must receive this request via email PRIOR to July 15, 2016.

The parent/guardian must include the following information in the request:

  • Reasons the player should be considered for playing-up (Please consider the social-emotional development in addition to his/her physical and skill development)
  • Prior teams and coaches’ names (will be contacted for input)

Please email request to:

Please note: requests to play-up should not be made in order to have children play with friends or siblings in different age groups. The request should be made because it is in the best interest of the player’s development.

Step 3: Playing-Up Consent Form and Evaluation

Parent/guardian must complete and bring the playing-up consent form to the scheduled evaluation.

New Paltz Recreation Soccer coaches will evaluate the player. The coaches will observe the player at the evaluation to determine if he/she is among the strongest players in the higher division.  If the athlete is not evaluated as one of the strongest players in the higher division, the player will need to play in the age-appropriate division. If the athlete is evaluated as one of the strongest players of the age appropriate team, the evaluators will contact previous coaches to receive further feedback.  

After the evaluations and receiving feedback from previous coaches a decision will be made by the evaluators. Parents/guardians will then be contact regarding the decision.

**Attendance at the evaluation is mandatory. Requests will NOT be considered if player does not attend the evaluation.**

Evaluations will be held in late-June and/or mid-July. Once scheduled, the date and time will be posted on our website ( . In addition, we will email all parents/guardians who have submitted requests.



I, as parent/guardian, am aware that my younger player will be playing against older, usually more physically developed players whose soccer skills may be more advanced and whose play may be more physical.

As parent/guardian, I give permission for my child, ______________________________________,  to play-up a division above his/her age/grade.

I understand that the effect of approval of this request may result in my child/dependent playing with and competing against older, larger, and stronger children and that this may result in a greater risk of injury and/or harm to my child/dependent.

In consideration of accepting the approval of my waiver request, I hereby, for myself, and my child/dependent, waive and release any and all rights and claims against New Paltz Recreation Soccer, its agents, employees, and sponsors for any and all injuries, circumstances, and outcomes affecting my child/ dependent during the soccer program, sponsored by New Paltz Recreation Soccer. 

Before giving your child permission to play up, please consider your child’s maturity, size, coordination, muscular development, attitude, and social development in comparison to the team members of the older team. 

PARENT'S SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________________

Print Child’s Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Child’s Date of Birth and Grade: _________________________________________________________________

Print Parent’s Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________


Phone Number: __________________________________________________________________

Date: _______________________

To be completed by NPRS:

Approved By: _________________________________________________________________________

Age Division Requested: _______________________________________________________________

Evaluator’s Signature: ___________________________________________

Date of Evaluation: ____________________________________________________________________