Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Tuesday August 29, 2017 by Bonne Masseo.

Hello Soccer Fan,
Thank you for contacting New Paltz Recreation Soccer.
We often receive emails with similar questions or requests for information. Below you  will find the answers to those questions or requests. If your email requested information not listed below, we will get back to you shortly.
Fall season and generic questions:

Registration Fee: $85

How do register? Visit: and click the banner in the middle of the page that says: "Registration Now Open Click Here to Register" OR click the green button in the upper right corner that says: "Log In"

1. When does the Fall season begin? Early September. Opening Day will be September 9, 2017.
2. When does the fall season end? Early November (first or second weekend)
3. Do we play Columbus Day Weekend? Not usually, but we will for the Fall 2017 season
4. Where are games held? New Paltz Sports and Recreation Park (Field of Dreams) located on Libertyville Road behind the parking lot for the Ulster County Fairgrounds 
5. When will practices be held? The coach of each team will determine the practice schedule.
6. When will games be scheduled? Games will always be scheduled on Saturdays. The time will vary. Team schedules can be found on the Team Wall or Sports Illustrated Play app or at
7. Can my child play-up a division? If so, how? Yes. Please read the play-up procedures. There is a tab labeled Play-Up Procedures on this website.  Can Kindergartners play? Yes- in Division A1 but please be sure it would be an appropriate fit for your child. 
8. What size ball does my child need? Division A- size 3. Division B-C- size 4. Division D-size 5
9. Will my child receive a uniform? Yes- your child child will receive a team shirt for the season.
10. What equipment does my child need? shinguards, socks to cover the shinguards, cleats or sneakers, water for all games and practices, and a ball.

11. Are teammate and coach requests accepted? No. In order to be able to create balanced teams (ability and gender), requests are not accepted. If siblings are in the same division, they can request to be placed on the same team. If transportation to and from games and practices is a factor, requests may be considered. Division A requests may be honored if possible. 
12. Does the league provide scholarships to those in financial need? Yes. Please email to request a scholarship.
13. How do we register? Please click the register here banner or the log in button and follow the instructions that follow. Please be sure to click create account if this is the first time using Sports Illustrated Play/Sports Sign Up.
14. How do I add another adult to the account? Please visit and see the tab titled: Adding an Adult
15. When does fall registration end? July 15, 2017. There are a few spots left in some of the divisions. If the system lets you register, there's a spot!
16. Are late registrations accepted? No.Excpet... There are a few spots left in some of the divisions. If the system lets you register, there's a spot!
17. When will I be assigned to a team and know my child's coach? We hope to have teams created by August 15, 2017.
18. How will I know what team my child is assigned to? You will receive an email when your child has been assigned to a team. 
19. How do I know who the coach is and the schedule once my child has been assigned to a team? Once assigned to a team, you will have access to the child's team wall. You can access the team wall through the league website (this one) or by downloading the Sports Illustrated Play app (STRONGLY SUGGESTED). On the team wall, one will be able to access ALL needed information for the player's team- coach, schedule, contact information, etc.
20. When will the schedule be created for the Fall 2017 season? All games will be Saturdays beginning on September 10th and running through the first or second week of November, with the exception of Columbus Day weekend. Exact time of your child's game will be determined by late August. 
21. Do you have a program for pre-schoolers? New Paltz Recreation Soccer is offering a new division for players ages 3-5-Future Stars
22. Does New Paltz Recreation Soccer run a travel program? No. Please visit to find information regarding the travel program or email
23. Does New Paltz Recreation Soccer run a fall and spring season? New Paltz Recreation Soccer offers a fall season. We are unable to officially and consistently run a spring season at this time. However, we have been lucky to work with PEAA the last two years and offer a spring program in collaboration. 
24. Do we need volunteers? YES!!! We need coaches, field committee members, board members, opening day committee members. To volunteer to coach, please register. For other positions, please email
25. Do we need referees? YES. Do you need to be certified? Preferably, but not a must. If interested, please email

Non-Resident Fee
I have not been charged this fee before and my children attend the NPCSD, why am I being charged $7?
This is the first year, the Town of New Paltz has required us to collect the fee and submit payment to the town. 
The New Paltz Sports and Recreation Park was developed and is maintained by the Town of New Paltz. The cost of doing so is paid for through taxes paid by residents of the Town of New Paltz, not NPCSD taxes. Thus, if taxes are paid to a town other than the Town of New Paltz (ex: Gardiner, Lloyd, Esopus, etc), you are required to pay a non-resident fee.